Scare Your Soul x Tulum (One.)

April 5, 2019

What's up everyone! So, I'm sure you've seen that I am working with a company called Scare Your Soul. For those who don't know, Scare Your Soul is a world-wide movement to inspire people to engage in small acts of courage, which ultimately leads to growth, freedom, and becoming your best self. The values and mission of SYS totally align with who I am today. It was such an honor that my friend, Richie (@rickieticklez), thought of me, introduced me to the SYS team, and encouraged me to become an ambassador. So, after being incredibly (and sometimes uncomfortably) involved in the monthly challenges for three months, I decided that I wanted to take this a step further.


Casey (@casey_edward), fellow SYS ambassador, became quick friends upon her move to Colorado. We spent many afternoons walking and talking about life, meditation, yoga, manifesting, plants, aliens... you know, all the things. This winter in particular felt like a drag, so we decided to plan a trip. And full-heartedly believed that we would go on that trip. Fast forward, three weeks later, we are boarding a plane to Tulum.




For many people, that process is really scary-- whatever that reason may be. Most Americans don't even use their full PTO throughout the year. They just accumulate days that never go to use. So, Casey and I thought, because we planned out our own trip, that you (yes you!) should start planning a trip. It doesn't matter if you actually book anything, but go through the motions! 


Where is your soul calling for? City? Beach? Mountains? Desert? Jungle? Safari?

If you could stay anywhere, what would your ideal situation look like? Hotel? Apartment? Flat? Villa?

What time of year would you like go? Do you want to hop on a plane next weekend? Or, maybe within the next six months?

What type of food do you want to eat?
What type of events would you want to experience?


Brainstorm and visualize what your ideal destination would look like. Start a google doc. Look up plane tickets, hotels, airbnbs, experiences... you're not required to purchase anything. So join us, and dream a little dream. 







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