Every Day is Saturday

April 1, 2019

My Mantra: Every Day is Saturday. I had this realization as I started being unable to recognize what day of the week it was that every day was the same to me. I treat each day with the same enthusiasm, gratitude, and morning routine. That's why, if you're around me pretty often, you'll always hear me ask "wait what day is it?" Silly, but true. Thus, every day is Saturday became the theme of my life.




I token this thought process to living life by design. It goes so much further than doing what you want. It's a true lifestyle. I have found that some people have a really hard time making decisions for themselves-- for their true self, I should say. It could be something as simple as I really want to go for a walk instead of going to the gym. I want to stay in to watch a movie and reset rather than go drinking with my friends. Living life on your terms. It may sound selfish, but with compound consistency you start living the life you want to live. It's by your own design. It took me a while to get here, and not every day is perfect, but I realized then when I truly began to feel like the best version of myself, it was when I was living by design. I started making little decisions and mindset changes throughout each and every day that made me happier, and my life simpler. Recently, my Mom gave me a little print that totally spoke to me, and I carry it in my kit (photography bag) every day as a reminder to myself:


The best thing about your life is that it is constantly in a state of design.

This means you have, at all times, the power to resign it. Make moves, allow shifts, smile more,

do more, do less, say no, say yes-- just remember, when it comes to your life,

you are not only the artist, but the masterpiece as well. 

If you are grateful for where you are, you have to respect the road that got you there.


- Cleo Wade


There is so much to be said about living life by design, but I encourage you to get started by making one decision for your true self. And, I think you know, deep down, what that needs to be or looks like. I have a feeling that this may become some type of series... I'm not sure what it looks like, but I'm playing with the idea of a vlog or even a course. Let me know what you think! Happy Saturday, folks.



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