I Don't Have a New Years Resolution

January 7, 2019



This is a topic that always comes up every December / January. New Years Resolutions. I feel like we need a new name for it because what happens if you complete your "resolution" within the first week? What is left for the rest of the year? It's been a handful of years that I haven't created a resolution, but rather, I created goals, habits, and ideas to manifest throughout the year. This year, I was particularly inspired by a local blogger to break up things to manifest into categories. It totally created clarity in the things that I want to accomplish throughout the year. Nothing happens overnight, but creating compound consistency will help you work towards those goals and manifestations. Thank you, @whatCaitate, for your constant inspiration! 


I broke it down into: Work, Fun, Family, and Funds. When I was writing out my goals and intentions, I wrote in present tense to create clarity and help with the visualization of these things happening.


For example:

- I am a photographer that works with B-Corps, Outdoor and Eco-Friendly Brands.

- I am an outdoor advocate that educates and inspires others to Leave No Trace

- I escape to the mountains to write and create time for self-care

- I dedicate part of my earnings to invest back into my business


The biggest aspect of truly attaining these goals and intentions are to hold yourself accountable. I do so in a number of ways both extrinsically and intrinsically. I have a group of like-minded people that are total badasses, and we have created a weekly email talking about goals for the week, challenges we're facing, gratitude, and a space where we can just have a constant conversation going. Having accountability buddies makes a world's difference, but it really does come within. Gratitude is the base of my foundation to manifest. I am in a place where I can run my own business, and while it has its set of challenges, I am grateful that I can be my own boss. I own the journey and the work I put in to see the outcomes I desire. I will likely write a post about gratitude and the benefits of adding it into your daily routine. In terms of organization, I use my Panda Planner because it breaks down those categorical goals into months, weeks, and daily action plans. I like physically checking off the things that I know I need to get done. I guess that's the inner-student in me!


So, maybe this year instead of creating a New Years Resolution, you try out a 2019 Goals and Intentions list. Let me know how I can help you along in this journey. 

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