Good Vibes Coming Your Way!

December 27, 2018

Hello, it's me! 


It's been a couple of months-- and I promise it wasn't on purpose. I have been so focused on getting organized for my photography business, traveling for shoots, and doing a lot of backend type work. I think that people tend to forget when you're an outdoor / travel photographer, 85% of the work is still back office: excel, sending & responding to emails, preparation for shoots, storyboarding, visualization, etc. 


I have been focused on creating a small community of like-minded people who are pursuing their own dreams (not necessarily in photography), meeting people that have a positive impact on their community and the world, as well as planning out 2019. In all the craziness of my life, I realized that I haven't been quite as strong in keeping you all up to date in words... Instagram pictures and stories can only say so much. So, in the spirit of wrapping up 2018, here's my recap on the past four months.








Grand Tetons National Park

Yellowstone National Park


Salt Lake City

Zion National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park

Called an audible to Moab (instead of Durango)




This was my first real multi-destination road trip that I've ever done. I had planned it out with a little over two weeks before my departure date. Quite honestly, the execution of getting to each destination was so incredibly seamless, I was in awe. I planned the trip knowing where I wanted to go, but that's about it. I never planned out times of departure. Once I created that idea of where I wanted to be, everything else just fell into place. That kind of stuff... never happens to me. Of course, I was always in a rush to beat the sun and get to our campsite before nightfall, but with the exception of the first night, we pretty much always made it. I felt confident in my ability to organize, plan and execute during and after this trip. To read more about how I felt... feel free to take a look at some of the photos and to read what I had to say. I could write a book about this trip, but I want to keep it short and sweet for you all.



November was a total blur of editing photos, meetings, and creating new connections with potential partners and brands. All I could think about was editing 3,000+ photos, and picking the very best. I was obsessed with reminiscing on the journey that brought me to each spot. That's what keeps me going. Every shot has a story, and rather than call myself a photographer, I identified more accurately to a storyteller. Every photo evoked emotion, and those frames bring me back to that moment. So, November was filled with this fire of I need to tell these stories. I need to bring people to places they may never go to. I need to show them how beautiful our world is, but more importantly, show them why these places need to be protected. 




December is already coming to a close with Christmas over and the New Year rapidly approaching. I think about where this year went... and yet, I'm not even done yet! Everyone always talks about how there's this awkward time gap between Christmas and New Years. I decided to take advantage of that time by planning mini trips while in New England. Whenever I'm back, I don't usually have enough time to get up to some of the more northern states in New England. So, inspired by my time in the National Parks, I wanted to cross one more off my list: Acadia. After Acadia, I'll be heading west to Burlington and Stowe, Vermont-- just to keep things interesting. 


This year, particularly the past four months, have been incredible. I've stretched myself mentally in ways I couldn't have imagined. Every day brings a new challenge, but I wouldn't change it for this freedom I have gained in the process. I started a new journey earlier this year-- one that will last a lifetime. While I close out my adventures up here in the northeast, I send you all the good vibes as you close out the end to a great year. 2019 will be even better.





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