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September 5, 2018



I had the pleasure of talking to Pat McAuley on his podcast Eat Green Make Green where covered a lot of different topics from my life transitioning away from Boston, the different jobs I had after college, how I found my passion: photography + writing, and of course how I adopted my plant-based diet. 


It had taken us a little over a year to set up a time for me to talk on the podcast because I was always home for short periods of time. I'm actually really happy that it took a little bit longer to set up, and I'm sure Pat would agree, because after two years in Denver, I felt like I was in a better place to tell my story because who I am today is very different than who I was a year ago. I learned a lot from my past jobs, and every step I had taken from FiveStars to Stream, had led me to the realization of needing to start my own business. And, even more so recently, I've had the realization that I want to be a photojournalist-- combine my two passions: photography and writing. I want to tell the stories of people that I meet along the way who are passionate about their crafts. I won't spoil too much about the podcast, though!


Take a listen, crush that heart button, throw me a DM or shoot me a text if you want to know more / just want to shoot the shit. Thank you so much, Pat, for having me on Eat Green Make Green-- it was such an awesome experience!




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