Time Stamp

August 22, 2018

What's up everybody!





I was looking at the time stamp from my last post, and could hardly believe that it's been a month since I last posted. So first and foremost, I'll say I'm glad to see you all here again! And, I'm sorry for going off the grid a little bit. I'm making it a new goal of mine to get back to my writing. I feel like I've been taking a new approach to storytelling. Typically, it was through my words. But, now with my new job, it's been about my clients. Telling the stories of my clients through photos. Photo journalism! I've been meeting Chefs, Climbers, Baristas, Brides, and even some Brewers. I feel like I've been so focused on listening to their stories and how to accurately depict their own trade / passion that I forgot to tell more about my own. 


I want to change that.


My heart has been so happy pursuing what I love. I often think about how I never would have guessed that my high school photography classes would lead to my profession and my craft. It was almost like a foreshadowing that years down the road, I would rediscover the feeling of having a camera in my hand, and the feeling of wanting to capture stories. Through words. And photos. A hybrid of the two things that make my heart beat with excitement. This is my life. This. is. my. life. I say it with pride, fear, courage, and anxiety all at once. My last post was my timestamp-- A reminder to myself that with one of my passions comes the other, and I must work my brain to develop both. I promise to not fall of the grid again! 



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