Get Yourself Out There

June 27, 2018



Every week, I set weekly goals of things that I want to do, need to do, and things I have to check off my list. Pete, Natalie, Jefe and I talk about those things every week to hold each other accountable. This week, I wanted to post 3 blog posts, so I could finish June on a strong note. I've been getting out and about to explore and travel, but with that, I tend to forget about the things I want to write about.


I looked at my laptop last night for an hour trying to come up with ideas of what I wanted to say. New lessons I learned on my travels? No. I realized I was in a bit of a writers block, and just shut it down for the night. Today, I woke up with that same foggy feeling in my head-- knowing that I "needed" to get 3 posts out there. After all day in the office, on this gorgeous 80 degree day, I decided that I needed to get outside. I headed to Golden, just 20 minutes outside of town to scope out some shots for a Climbing gig we have next week. I hopped around the rocks, peeked into the crevices, and felt my hand glide over rocks that closely resembled coral shelving. I felt like a kid again. I had this stupid silly grin from ear to ear. I watched a baby deer nonchalantly graze past me. All I needed was a little outdoor time to remind me how grateful I am to be this close to the outdoors, and to have the opportunity to put myself out there to explore new areas. 


And, sure enough, I got my inspiration. The candy colored skies, warm breeze, and ancient rocks were my perfect remedy to shake that overly tense feeling I felt on my shoulders. It's a concept so simple... just to get outside. Something we all used to do as kids. I'd be out all day exploring Big Big, the little alcoves in the rocks, and searching for sea creatures. And, it would be hard for my parents to get me back inside. Fourteen years later, not much has changed. Maybe the scenery, but that general sense of curiosity and the giggles I get from hopping rock to rock are still inside me. I think I just needed a little reminder to get myself out there, and let my inner kid come back out.

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