June 22, 2018

Where do I begin with the absolute epicness of my week in Bermuda? It's been two weeks and I'm still having withdrawals from not being there because it was that much fun. And, I had the realization that I hadn't really had that many days in a row to actually take a step back to relax. Even though I may have "relaxing" weekends here in Denver, it doesn't necessarily mean I'm not working. So, it was extremely nice to put away my phone, and my laptop, to completely unplug and spend time with my family. 


The weekend started out with Dave and Kira's wedding, which was one for the books. We crushed some colorful foods (and swizzles), I met some really cool people (& now new friends), and obviously we all threw on our dancing pants to tear up the dance floor. The ceremony itself was both beautiful and comical with the downpour mid-ceremony. But, it was quickly matched by a brilliant rainbow over the turquoise water. If that isn't a sign, I'm not sure what is! My wish to Dave and Kira is to have as beautiful and magical of a marriage as it was on their wedding day. Congratulations, and welcome to the fam, Kira!


The rest of the week followed with the Swizzle Inn, dark & naughties, salad and french fries, kayaking, beach time, golf, and some needed R&R. Every day was an activity day with Team Overchill. And, while we were there, all of us-- Pete, Natalie, Jefe, and myself, realized we really needed it. This overwhelming sense of gratitude and clarity came to each of us in terms of goals, passions, dreams, and even lifestyle changes. We all needed the time to take a step back to acknowledge where we currently are, and to think about where we want to go. I'm forever grateful for that week because there are a couple of things in the works right now that I have been working towards these past couple of years that are manifesting. My time in Bermuda solidified that. It helped me realize that I'm on my own path, and every experience I've had has helped me get to this point.


Now, take me back to those Bermuda Blues (and pinks)! 






















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