5 Hours Outside Denver...

June 3, 2018

So we went for a little road trip, where we picked up some libations. Then we hit the road again, and saw the most beautiful colors in the sky. We waited for hours for our companions who were "right behind us," and set up camp in the dark. It was ok though because we woke with the sun, warming the rocks surrounding us. We hopped in the car again, where I lost my hat trying to get photos of the mirage before me. We stumbled upon a place to settle down, but decided it wasn't for us because we needed to explore more. So, we climbed some rocks, and stumbled upon an arch. Then we needed to show the arch how it's done in Colorado-- so we shotgunned a Coors. The Arch told us to leave, so we kept exploring. We took heather's car off-roading outside of Arches National Park, and blew her suspension's airbag. With our tail between our legs, we escaped the trail that cause our low-frequency vibes. But, we quickly bounced back, and grabbed my car to find some water and distractions. The next day, we got Heather's car towed, and didn't learn our lesson because we took my car off-roading this time in Canyonlands. We sent out a million-and-two good vibes, and the universe heard us because we found an incredible valley where water used to flow. We we so excited that we had to get upside down, take as many mental photos (and regular photos) as possible, put some flowers in our hair, appreciate how beautiful this world is, and wait to do it all over again. Thank you, for incredible memories, Moab. Until next time.
















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