March 14, 2018



So I gave you a little hint that something cool was in the process, and I promised that I would share that with you when the time was right. Well, I just met with my newest client to give her the edits so now I can divulge that information.


Obviously you all know how much I love to write my blog, and the other part to my blog, aside from the journey and living in the present, is the photography. For the past couple of weeks, I have been going full psycho on coffee, learning as much as I can about photography, and trying to get better every day because it really is the other half of this passion of mine. I honestly can't get enough from watching vlogs, tutorials, looking at other photographers, exploring my style... basically, I geek out about everything photography and cinematography related. So, you get the point. I love it.


The exciting news that I wanted to share with you all revolves around photography (duh). I worked with my first client on some photos for her clothing store, SHEA, that's local here in Denver-- more specifically, RiNo. I met Meaghan a couple of weeks ago when I was shooting around RiNo for the hell of it. I showed her some of my shots, and she asked if I would help her re-vamp her site and social media. We did our first shoot on Saturday with our next one coming up next week. I am SO stoked to work with SHEA Clothing because it's a team of super badass women who  are truly passionate about creating a community within RiNo and Denver. So, that's my super secret project. I'll be the one behind the camera for SHEA. To my Denverites, if you happen to see me out and about shooting, come say hi! I'll be in RiNo A LOT! 


Here are some highlights from the shoot. Shout out to one of my best friends, Rose, for allowing me to force her into modeling! And, you can find some of my other photos on the SHEA website, which you can find the link to below. 

















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