My Valentines

February 14, 2018

If you know me, you know that I don't really enjoy Valentine's Day mostly because I feel like it's just another hallmark holiday. But, this year I decided to see it in a different light-- A day of appreciation for my friends and family that I am so incredibly lucky to have in my life. This year, I wanted to write specifically to those people that have played such an active part in my life supporting my hopes, dreams, and being there for me when I need them most.


To My Valentines:


We've gone on countless adventures, reminisced about old experiences, and created new memories. We have traveled thousand of miles in cars, planes, trains, and phones via FaceTime to be with one another. We have cried laughing, loved, and danced; and put it on repeat every time we see each other. We either live right down the street, or across the country; but, distance makes the heart grow fonder. We're on East Coast Time and Mountain Time. When we see each other, time stands still, and moves too quickly... all at the same time. You are my shoulder to cry on, my rock, my adventure buddies, my good vibe tribe, my people, and today... you are my Valentines. I love you and appreciate you. Happy Valentine's Day!



















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