A Little Place Called Aspen

January 31, 2018














This past weekend, about 10 of us were in Aspen for the X-Games, and spent the weekend exploring all the different towns (Aspen, Snowmass, and Buttermilk Mountain). We arrived in Aspen early Friday morning, and immediately started exploring cafes, shops, and small breweries. We bopped into old Western stores, and then into haute couture stores that sold "ski apparel."


I had never been to Aspen before, and the town was just as X-travagent as people had talked about. It was an interesting dynamic, old mixed with the new, the ski bums mixed with new wealth, the wild west feel (which were the ones I couldn't stop taking photos of) mixed with mega mansions. All weekend, I couldn't help but wonder how Aspen became what it is today when it's so tucked away... hours away from any city. 


After a day of exploration, we found ourselves finding microbreweries, and beginning the shenanigans before the start of the games. To say that we were astounded by the incredible athletic ability of the participants in the X-Games was an understatement. They would launch themselves off 40-foot jumps and cruise the SuperPipe-- making it look so easy.


It's mind blowing to think about the amount of skill, patience, practice, and pure courage it takes for these athletes to risk everything each time they compete in the games. But, those same traits come into every day life too, they just reflect it in a different manner. Every day we take a risk in our relationships, career opportunities, and pushing ourselves to new levels of personal growth.


I'm so thankful for the adventures we went on this weekend, and I can't wait for round two. 





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