November 30, 2017

Talk about a Wednesday being a WINSday (token phrase thanks to Kearsley)! This morning I woke up to a very exciting email saying that Jon Olsson's company, Douchebags (link here), accepted me as a brand ambassador. On top of that, today was our very first pop-up shop for Darwin Clothing (link here). The level of my excitement, if you saw my Instagram story, was absolutely through the roof.


Just a couple days ago, I was thinking to myself, "life is hard." I was completely overwhelmed by monthly expenses, my career path, balancing my different passions, and studying for my exam. Right around that time when I was feeling mega stressed, and not living in the now, I read an article that talked about how life can really be hard (link here -- HIGHLY suggest reading it). It was around that time, and what helped inspire Seasonal Changes, that I decided that I needed to go back to changing my mindset from "life is hard" to realizing that there is so much to be grateful for. Sure there are challenges along the way, but it isn't as hard as being homeless, or living with a disease, or losing everything because of natural disasters. 


So, to turn around that negative energy, which I alone, was creating, I did something silly. I started reading Dr. Seuss quotes. In fact, I may have a sent a couple around to people as a Tuesday pick-me-up. I even wrote one down and stuck it on my desk to look at, every day, because challenges will arise, but I will surpass it. And, it also serves as reminder to live in the present, be grateful and humble, and appreciate the learning experience that comes from climbing that "mountain."


Can you guess which quote I wrote yesterday?



(I'll give you a hint: it's from, Oh! The Places You'll Go) 


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