Seasonal Changes

November 28, 2017

A few weeks ago, I went to Denver Startup Week. Part of it was for networking and putting my name out there in the tech community, and the other part for a learning opportunity. I went to a number of different lectures about real estate, being a #girlboss, branding, and the list goes on. One talk in particular really stood out to me. And, that was Sunni Brown's Creative Morning chat. 


She talked about the creative process, and how it can be ugly, vulnerable, embarrassing, fear-filled... and that there is a little voice that speaks to us every day (we all hear it, we know it's there) that gets louder and louder when things start to get scary. I've been hearing that voice a lot recently-- the one that worries about the what-ifs and the unknowns. And, I don't know if you guys have seen Inside Out, but that's what I think of when I imagine this voice. Looks something like this:




This year has flown by, and when I think about the place I was (look here) last year, I almost can't believe how much my life has changed by that simple philosophy of living in the present. This past year has been a whirlwind of new experiences: skiing, camping, hiking, traveling, and making new memories with some incredible people I met out here (and lucky enough to call my best friends). And, I noticed a trend. As per my 100 Day Challenge (here), and Bosses Don't Cancel Meetings (here), the moment I stop being both active and grateful, I start worrying about the past, and the future, rather than right now. The present. I started to intertwine living in the present with my yoga practice. I gave myself at least one hour to myself to clear my thoughts, stresses, and worries. And, with my wrist injury, I haven't been able to practice at CorePower. So, when I was at Sunni Brown's lecture, she helped me find another way to calm my thoughts when I find my mind wandering when I'm unable to practice yoga. 


Throughout the year, when I was living in the present the most, I followed her steps without realizing it: recognizing that little voice is really just a protector from pain and fear. So, she suggests to become curious, and ask questions. Why am I feeling this way? What is the source?  Next, appreciate the fact that this voice is making you extremely aware of your mind at-present, the feelings and emotions that arise, and the source of it all. And, finally, respond to this voice from your deep intelligence. Meaning, find a place of compassion, and acknowledge that the fear exists. Then work with that fear to move past it because it will always provide a learning experience-- good or bad.


I needed a refresher of staying positive, and remaining in the present. And, after this past week of focusing on gratitude, nothing seems better than doing a 37-day challenge to close out 2017. I want to focus on gratitude, crushing work (Stream, my Real Estate License, Darwin, my Blog), and living each moment in the present (with my camera in hand) so I can start 2018 on a high note.



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