V is for Vegan

October 19, 2017

When I started this blog, I aimed towards writing about health and lifestyle. After a long summer of adventures, and a full ski season ahead of me, I wanted to dive a little deeper about the health aspect, and for this post, it will be about my diet. 


Vegan: (Noun) A person who does not eat or consume animal products.





I decided to go vegan this past March. I was sick (literally) and tired of feeling nauseous, and often times in pain after I ate. Luckily, Denver, as a city, is extremely accommodating to different dietary restrictions, especially Veganism. Growing up, I had a simple palette for foods because most things made me feel sick. Though, I could never tell what was really causing the pain in my upper abdomen. I was never able to eat red meat, so I knew that was out of the equation. I still tried to maintain a healthy diet: eggs in the morning, salad or a sandwich for lunch, and chicken with some type of vegetable for dinner. Pasta was also thrown in there every once in a while. I exercised almost daily. Yet, the excruciating pains never went away. And, I'm talking debilitating pains where I wouldn't be able to move for hours. Eventually, I saw a specialist in Electromagnetic Testing when the pain became even more unbearable.


Fast forward to this past March.


That first week of March, right after my birthday, I decided enough was enough. I needed to eliminate all dairy and eggs from my diet, even though my specialist had said "my stomach could tolerate small amounts." I eliminated all animal products from my consumption, and I noticed a massive difference in how I felt. One week turned into 30 days. 30 days turned into months. And now I'm at approximately 8 months vegan. 


It's funny because if you told me a year ago that I would be making "cheese" out of cashews, potatoes, and carrots to make Vegan Mac N' Cheese, I'd probably laugh. Since I became vegan, I found cooking to be a very fun challenge. I experimented with fragrant flavors, spices that complement certain vegetables, and how to almost "recreate" some of my old favorite meals, but vegan version.


 Aside from Veganism helping my stomach, it's opened up my mind to a different type of lifestyle. I've realized that Veganism has improved my active lifestyle. I feel like I have so much more energy, and strength, both physically and mentally. Going vegan perfectly coincided with deepening my CorePower practice to four times a week, practicing mindfulness, and even making mala beads. And even further, it has opened up my palette to saying yes to new opportunities, trying new things, and understanding other people's lifestyle choices. 


P.S. Here are some of my favorite blogs that has inspired some of my recipes!







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