Morning Riser

August 15, 2017














I laugh when people ask me if I'm a morning person or a night person. I'm a complete night-owl. And, if you try to talk to me too early in the morning I most likely won't respond to you. I promise I'm not trying to be rude! It's just the way I am. But, this is something that I really have been trying to work at. I love having the entire day to adventure, be productive, and focus on the things I love. And, with that, comes with having to be an early-riser.


Friday night a small group of us went to Georgia Pass to a campsite on the other side of Breckenridge to watch the Meteor Shower. Unfortunately, I did not have the proper equipment to shoot such a thing. It's a little bittersweet because obviously I want to practice night shooting, but at the same time I really embraced being in the present and watching the meteors with a great group of people not thinking about angles, lighting, lenses, etc. I think it was one of the most breathtaking moments I've ever experienced -- seeing flaming blue meteors shooting through the sky with a tail of orange fire following it. We were lucky because for a while the moon was hiding behind the clouds, so it allowed us to watch the show above without a glowing light. I giggled and pointed at the sky when one went by, just like I was a kid again. It was just what I needed.


The next morning proved to be the highlight of my day though. Watching the sun rise over the mountains was invigorating. I watched the mountain tops, the trees, and the dewy grass turn golden, and felt the sun warm me up. I had never seen or felt such a thing. And, to be quite honest, it was addicting. As soon as we got back to Denver, I was already thinking about the next time I could camp and watch another sunrise. I wanted to be in the silence, listening to the trees blow in the wind, and seeing the earth come alive at 6am. We all connect with something, and for me it's always been nature. I loved watching the day end with gorgeous pinks and purples that light up the sky. But, why focus on the end of something when it's just as beautiful to see the beginning?


I now understand what it means to be a morning person.


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