To the Mountains We Go

August 6, 2017























There's something so calming about being back in the mountains. It had been too long since I was back amongst the trees and the silence. Life often has a bad habit of getting in the way of the things you love to do, so it's your own job to remind yourself to take breaks to clear your mind, exercise, or whatever it may be. Erin, Brooke and I spent the day in Vail hiking some of the trails at the top of Eagles Nest. My main reason for choosing the spot was the wild flowers because they're at the peak of the season right now. And, they didn't disappoint. However, I realized it really wasn't the flowers that brought me out there.


Back in Cohasset, I had a spot. Whenever I needed a clear mind, and to lose myself in the sounds of the waves I went there. As we were walking through the trees, it reminded me of a place where I could get the same feeling. There was a faint smell of pine trees and wild flowers that would hit you at random parts of the trail. And, the sound of the wind through those same pines sounded like whispers coming from the long-standing peaks in the distance. I felt this utter calmness that is often hard to find. That type where there isn't a thought crossing your mind about what you're doing later, what the week will bring, challenges you're facing... no, instead, you're just present. Remember that talk we had about mindfulness? This is one of those examples.


Even though I felt tired from the work week, I felt rejuvenated by the scents and sounds that surrounded me. After embracing this experience, and topping it off with an amazing, colorful salad for lunch, I reminded myself that I need to do this more often to practice mindfulness. Of course yoga helps during the work week, but we crave heading back to nature somehow. And, from now on I'm going listen more closely for when I need to be back amongst the whispering pines. 

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