B(ACK) After 6 Years

July 31, 2017



You know when you always say you're going to do something because it's so close to you? And, eventually you'll find time, but never do? That's what Nantucket has been to me for the past couple of years. Leave it to me to finally make time to go when I'm living half way across the country now. Funny how that works...


I was so excited to have the opportunity to go back to Nantucket especially because I've been ocean-deprived. Don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly entertained by being so close to the mountains, but there is something special about summers in New England. And, pair the excitement of being on the water with using my new camera, and you get Part II of a photographer's paradise with all the majestic boats that dock in the harbor and the breath-taking sunsets. I'm so lucky to have had the opportunity to take some shots there, and catch up with a couple of family friends I haven't seen in a while. Kelly, as always, thank you for your incredibly warm hospitality, and that infectious laugh that I've missed so much!






























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