The Hustle and Journey

July 26, 2017






An Ode to Gary Vee: hustle & the journey.


I’ve been thinking about the past month to six weeks, and how I’ve been feeling a sort of imbalance so to speak. I was so used to this routine of working on my own time, hustling to find the right opportunity, and trying to maintain positivity throughout a time of career identity-crisis.


Then, one day, I got a call back for an interview. Then I got two more the same day. Next thing I knew, I accepted a new job working in commercial real estate. Funny for someone who has been working in strictly yoga clothes and Patagonia for the past 8 months. Then I think about why I was feeling this pressure for a new job. Why did I need to move past Patagonia and search for something so corporate? I think about some of my previous posts like “Through the Fog,” and “Success is…” and I wonder if I have betrayed my own word and promises to myself. Am I betraying the idea of wanting to build and create? It’s honestly an internal debate that I had while I was looking for a new job, and still currently do. But, maybe I’m not going against it. Maybe I actually have to learn more on my journey that will create a network to expand my experience so I can create and build. So, why did I take this job? To take a journey towards knowledge.


When I was at Patagonia, it’s completely obvious when I say the company and the people are what make it. I learned so much about the foundations of building a clothing company, quality over profit, and building relationships with strangers. And, eventually, it came to a point where I was ready to continue to learn, and looked toward opportunities elsewhere. Commercial Real Estate is an exciting industry in terms of knowledge, especially in the Denver area where there is mega growth across the spectrum. Every day is a new challenge when it comes to learning the industry, and to really know the industry you have to know what happening in development, residential real estate, politics, local economies, and network your ass off. I never imagined that I would be back behind a desk with dual screens…. And I still don’t particularly imagine myself in this setting. But, the learning curve is severe. Luckily, I found a more entrepreneurial-like atmosphere (but corporate version) where you can ask questions, pull leases to read through language, and go out to different submarkets to get a feel for the different submarket cultures. I realize that this is a different journey that I’m on, and every day my goal is to take away at least one new piece of knowledge that can help me build towards my future endeavors. As much as I think I’m going against my very essence of a person, it’s the pursuit of knowledge that I’m really going after; in an industry that I find particularly appealing. I’m creating a new journey for myself to understand how to create opportunities, learn language that is complicated, and appreciate that I have this moment to absorb as much as I can. I’m not entirely sure what my future looks like, and that’s the exciting part. All I know, at this point and time, is I can only build up my experiences, and pieces of knowledge that will eventually contribute towards the things that I want to do down the road.


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