"Don't Worry It'll Be Easy"

June 14, 2017



"Don't worry it will be easy," they said.


I have never challenged myself more than I have within the past two weeks. As I mentioned in my past article "One Hundred & Twenty," which you can find here, part of my new 100 Day Challenge is to accept any opportunity to get me out of my comfort zone, and try something new.


I seriously took that concept to heart because I have been testing my activity levels to the extreme. One year ago, I would have never imagined myself going for a 20 mile bike ride, running in a 10k, and going hiking in a desert. I couldn't have even imagined doing one of those things let alone all three within 10 days. And add in the usual yoga classes and workout routines. 


I think the most jaw-dropping for me is running the 10k. If you all know me, running is not in my palette of workouts. My friend Virginia, who is an instructor at Core Power, invited me to run the Bolder Boulder with her and a couple of her friends. Perfect timing to test out my 100 Day Challenge. I told her I don't really run, and she said, "Don't worry... it'll be easy. I've done it for three years now, and I don't run either."  I hesitantly agreed, mostly because I owed it to myself to challenge my body, but also as an opportunity to meet more people out here. What I pictured the 10k to be, it was the exact opposite. People were up and at 'em early on in their lawns with live bands, cow bells, water guns to cool us all off, and stops for food, water, and beer. The entire time I was so distracted by the infectious energy and cheering, from not only the girls I ran with, but also complete strangers. 


I found myself fired up after passing each Kilometer. I kept urging myself to go a little bit faster, and focus on breathing. I learned in core power to breath louder than all the negative thoughts that enter your mind. That, paired with incredible words of encouragement, allowed me to keep going until crossing that finish line. I was sore for about three days afterward, but I felt so proud of myself for finishing my first 10k, at high elevation, and within an hour and twenty minutes. Humble brag, I know. Sometimes you just have to pat yourself on the back. To be honest, I probably won't do another 10k until next year's Bolder Boulder because I can't imagine having more fun than running in that. 


And, after years of telling myself I couldn't do it... I proved myself wrong in that hour and 20 minutes.

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