Photographer's Paradise

May 27, 2017

Last weekend, I ventured to New York City to visit some friends from school. It's been a while since I have been to New York especially in the summer. Whenever I go, it's always during Christmastime, which is obviously the best time of year considering I turn into Buddy the Elf. But, New York has it's perks in the warm weather as well. 


New York is a city that is alive, and I'm not talking about the nightlife. Any street you turn down, you'll likely find some type of art on each block. While in the city, I was on the hunt for street art. When I was younger, I didn't really appreciate the craftsmanship behind a lot of the pieces. I naively thought that street "art" was graffiti. The more involved I get with photography, the more I search for certain colors, shapes, and my personal favorite, stories. 


I use words for stories, and now a camera, but I've come to admire the street art scene more and more because they're telling their own stories in their own, unique visual ways. 


Here are some of my favorites from the weekend on my search for colors and stories.










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