May 8, 2017









Nothing quite like an activity week let alone a double whammy with both Pete and Natalie coming to visit. It was Natalie's first time visiting the DEN, and there's nothing I like more than showing off my favorite places to visit and restaurants in the area. I've had a few visitors here since my big move and now that it's springtime there's even more to do here-- aside from spring skiing. Whenever people come to visit I love showing them Red Rocks. Obviously it's a pretty well-known place, but still, there's something about climbing up the amphitheater that is breathtaking every time. Imagine seeing U2, The Beatles, the Allman Brother's, Kenny Chesney, Eric Church.... so many incredibly talented musicians play on the same stage. We went hiking at Mount Falcon, ate our body weight in vegan foods at True Food Kitchen, met up with friends at Avanti, and made ourselves some vegan pizza. With any activity week(end), Pete and I are go-go-go until we can't go any longer, so Natalie was a champ for being able to keep up with Team Darwin. Our favorite part of the weekend was exploring Red Rocks and making our way to Boulder afterward. Little did we know, there was a market going on so it made for a perfect Sunday activity. You can check that out here.


Anyway, Natalie mentioned each day that there was a certain aura about Denver. Seeing the vastness of the mountains even when you're in the cityscape gives you this energy that is intoxicating. There's endless possibilities that a day can bring because there's so much variety and life within the different areas of the city and then a whole new experience when you drive 20 minutes to the foothills. And, when you begin to show people how much there is to offer, and how you live-- that's quite the experience.


Showing Pete and Natalie the DEN, Boulder, and hiking areas brought on conversations of the future, what I'm doing, and how I've improved the quality of my living. Pete specifically said that never have I taken so much control into my own hands. And, he's right. Since moving here, I have taken the reins of making decisions that are best for me. I'm living for myself. I made the choice to become vegan because I was sick of eating food that made me feel shitty aka cheese and eggs (since I'm already allergic to meat and cut out most dairy). I've never felt uncomfortable by telling someone that I don't consume animal products anymore, or maybe one night I decide to go out and not drink. The lack of judgment is invigorating and unfortunately a little foreign to me. You start finding people that respect you for the choices you make, and if anything, want to learn more. The more time I spend out here, and the more I talked about it with Pete and Natalie, the more I understand that I'm placing myself in an area, a mental-state, and a physical-state that is setting me up for success on my pursuit of my personal legend. 

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