I Still Want to Celebrate

April 24, 2017

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” — Albert Einstein






Mount Falcon Park, Morrison, CO 



How can you describe the feeling of the wind swirling around you, and the sun kissing your hair and skin whilst standing atop a small boulder? Energizing? Calming? Breathtaking? I suppose all three at once. It seemed like the obvious choice to go for a hike on Earth Day. And, while exploring the trail that leads you through evergreens, open fields, and stunning views with miles of mountains in front of you, I realize how, even almost one year later, I'm still blown away by Colorado's beauty.


When I was back on the East Coast, my spot was always somewhere near an ocean. Whenever I needed to reflect, make a decision, decompress, whatever it may have been, you could always find me sitting on a rock at Sandy Cove watching the waves roll in and listening to seagulls squawking. I didn't know if I would find that same place out here, and sure enough I did.


Now that spring is upon us in the DEN, I've already been taking advantage of driving into the mountains as often as I can. There's this sense of peacefulness that comes over me as I look at the sheer magnitude of the foothills, and eventually the mountains as I'm driving on I-70. For lack of better words, there's something majestic and rustic all at once. I found my new spot. In fact, many new spots. And, still searching for more. 


Every day we should be celebrating Earth Day. I saw friends posting on Instagram about all of the incredible spots they have traveled to, or about doing cleanups at a beach, a river, a park-- whatever it may have been. Why don't we take responsibility every day if we love these areas so much? Why does it only have to be one day to celebrate? I still feel like celebrating Earth Day, and I'll celebrate every time I head into the mountains. And, every time I see plastic on a beach. And, every time there are crushed up water bottles on the side of a trail. I hope others will celebrate with me, so we can still see and appreciate the beauty around us 10 years from now... 20 years from now... 100 years from now.


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