Easter Sun(but really snow)day

April 17, 2017








 Today marked closing day of many of the ski resorts here. Spring is officially upon us in the DEN, and I'm incredibly excited for the weather to keep getting warmer as we get closer and closer to summer. I did the typical Easter brunch with some friends at Root Down (ton of vegetarian and vegan options!), and decided that I wanted to get outside today to enjoy the sun and celebrate the spring weather. It's funny because in my mind I imagined the mountains to already be green and flowers blooming because of the amount of 70 and 80 degree days we have had. Well, I was wrong.


It somehow slipped my mind that the mountains are consistently 15-20 degrees cooler... always. So, I get to St. Mary's Glacier and most of the trail is still completely covered in snow, which made for quite a few slides (no falls because D1 athlete over here-- HA) and soaked through sneakers. The snow didn't slow me down enough to keep going to one of the higher points to take some pictures. It was a beautiful sunny, still snowy, warm spring day.


While today marked the closing of ski season, it also marked the beginning of hiking season! And, I promise, there will be plenty of recommendations and new areas of adventure to explore these next couple of months.





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