Day 70 of 100

April 21, 2017




Today officially marks my 70th day of my 100 Day Challenge that I originally started back in February. As a refresher, I listened to Lewis Howes' podcast with John Assaraf, and the topic of the podcast pondered the idea of changing thoughts, actions, and behaviors. I was incredibly inspired by their discussion and the successes Assaraf had found by building up a foundation of good habits


I then decided to start my first 100 Day Challenge, which you can find here. Essentially, my challenge was to write down what I wanted to accomplish the next day, and write down three things that I am grateful for. My logic was, if I were to write down things I'm grateful for right before bed, I'll have a good sleep, and I'll wake up tomorrow excited to start my day. And, after one short month, that's exactly what I found. I would wake up each day excited to conquer the goals I set, and just generally found myself to be in a better mood. I wasn't sluggish getting out of bed, and I found a routine that works for me. Wake up, immediately change, workout or go to yoga, make breakfast while listening to Lewis Howes, Rich Roll, or Jon Olsson's vlogs. I always aspired to actually be a morning person, and I figured out a way to become one, and be happy about it. Still as a forewarning, don't try and be too chatty with me in the morning. I'm better, but I can't say I'm some chatty Cathy yet. 


When you start out your morning positive, it's pretty likely you'll have a great rest of your day. And then it starts adding up. A good day will turn into a good week, and then a good month, and now a good 70 days for me. Of course, it's not all rainbows and butterflies because there will still be challenges every day. But, I found clarity, positivity, strength, and my zen each and every day from reflecting on positives from the day or even just things that I am grateful for. For example, if I had a tough day, I am still grateful for my family, reaching out to certain friends that day, and doing X that day (whatever it may be). 


I found that it is so essential to take a step back and appreciate the things that we're lucky to have every day because quite honestly it could be worse. When you come to the realization of all the great things and people that surround you, the universe will conspire to help you continue building upon those great things-- just like The Alchemist says.


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