Father-Daughter Classic

April 4, 2017










From Activity Week, to adding Core Power Yoga to my daily regimen, and having plenty of visitors coming through Denver to check out the city... it's been a little while since writing. Now that everything has calmed down a bit, I'm going back to my once-a-week to twice-a-week blog posts. I've been entertaining guests, traveling, and now as I'm sitting back in Boston looking at this Nor'Easter, I think to myself, "What better way to get back into the swing of things, and catch up on work, than staying in on a rainy, windy day?" So let's get to it. 


Just last week, my Dad came out to the DEN for a belated birthday celebration. Pete and I got him tickets to see the Avalanche play the Capitals in Colorado because a family friend of ours plays on the Caps. So, we turned this birthday present into a little trip and then the Father-Daughter Activity Week commenced!


If anyone knows my Dad, you'll know that he's the guy that practices his golf swing twenty times a day, and will be on a course so long as the weather permits. He'll also give you s*** if you lose one round against him, and he'll never let you live it down; no matter how many times you actually win.

Luckily, the weather allowed us to begin our Father-Daughter Classic right away by going straight from the airport to Arrowhead Club. While the course had some difficult holes, we were astounded by the sheer beauty and vastness of the scenery. We also learned that when you're putting, you have to always account for the ball breaking away from the rocks, and away from the direction of Denver. The best part is, we had the last tee time, so we were able to take our time to appreciate the course and opting outside as soon as he stepped off the plane.


Of course, we were "playing against each other," but golf is an incredible sport because you're also playing yourself-- seeing how you can beat your best score, hit the next shot better, and think about the different angles on the green. I've come to appreciate golf more and more as I've gotten older, and slightly better. We won't be too ambitious here since I only play a couple times a year. But, I know how much it means to my Dad, and we always have a great time talking about life, playing against each other (and ourselves), and traveling to different courses. This year, he won the classic, but little does he know I'll be practicing more in the DEN until next year.





Here are some of the other highlights from our activity week: We went to Red Rocks to check out the Colorado Music Hall of Fame and the Red Rocks Hall of Fame. Both of which, my dad was in awe seeing some of the artists that have come to play there in the past-- think the Beatles, U2, Marshall Tucker Band, Grateful Dead, and James Taylor. Rain or Shine I was taking him to Red Rocks, and as we ventured to the amphitheater, I saw his jaw drop. I could see him picturing all of his favorite bands playing here, and what a sight that would've been. We headed back to the DEN to grab breakfast at Snooze of course, and ventured around the highlands. 


Of course, we went to the Caps vs. Avs game as I had mentioned before. And, wow what an exciting game. We both anticipated a blowout, but the Caps played the Wild the night before and in the third period you could see how tired they were. The Caps pulled out a 5-3 win to continue their journey to the playoffs.


Overall, it was an incredible father-daughter trip, and I'm so happy he was able to see more of Denver. Plot twist, this is my way of trying to get my family to move out to the DEN... we'll see if it works.

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