Pow Chasers

March 8, 2017




We completely lucked out with 10" of snow within 24 hours at Vail, so that can only mean one thing. A new vlog post. We spent the day just going where our skis would take us whether it was back bowls, through the trees, up the gondy, etc. The best part of the day, aside from the snow, was the fact that Pete and I didn't think too hard about what specific trails we wanted to go down, or which side of the mountain. Didn't matter where we were because we were always able to find fresh tracks, and focus on having a blast going down the faces of bowls or through the trees. 


I feel myself definitely getting better with editing videos, but I'm still having trouble with stabilizing my GoPro while I ski. And yes, I'm investing in some different mounts and the three-way stick to get better angles. If you have any suggestions in the meantime, feel free to reach out to me!



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