Bosses Don't Cancel Meetings

March 15, 2017




I am becoming a week and a weekend warrior. I'm talking about taking my physical and mental health to the next level. I consider myself to be an active person. If I'm not moving, I'm one of the most figity people you'll meet. I grew up playing sports, played tennis in college (both D1 and club post-injury), I ski as many times a week as I can, love to spin, hike, and fit in a full-body lift when I can. 


Wanting to add another weekly activity in my life, I joined Core Power Yoga (thank you for the suggestion, Jess) with the expectation of it being similar to other hot yoga classes I have taken in the past. And just after two weeks, I have had such a humbling, but empowering experience. 


I tried Yoga Sculpt as my second class at CPY, and this is where things got interesting. Think of it as a mixture of deep breathing, yoga poses, and then also add weights and cardio. I haven't been this physically and mentally challenged in any classes I've taken in the past. Yoga I find my zen, spin I've gotten used to, and obviously have my regular workout routines. So imagine my face when I realize "holy sh** I don't think I can make it through this class." 


It's a humbling experience to really listen to the way your body feels and how you mentally feel when you're pushing yourself through some challenging poses and exercises. It's all about knowing when you drop down in weights, or use none at all. Your body speaks to you, and if you don't listen then you can end up hurting yourself accidentally.


When you do listen to your body, you can understand your limits, and know where areas of improvement are in the next class. The same applies to mental strength. I caught myself feeling worn half way through Sculpt. I heard me telling myself to take a break, and even to stop. There were points that I listened, took that quick 10 second break to grab a sip of water, and then push back into it. After my second and third sculpt class that I did this week, I found myself being able to reverse those negative thoughts and instead focus on the deep breathing-- while also listening to my body. 


Sculpt has opened up such a different experience for me, and paired with my normal yoga classes and nightly meditation, I'm excited to see where it leads me. I've already noticed a difference in my physical and mental strength after two weeks taking sculpt and yoga classes there. It reminds me that I'm not perfect, nor will I ever be. But, it's accepting the fact that I'm going to struggle, and humbling to be able to feel those limits, challenge yourself, and work towards climbing new summits.


I've also realized and appreciate that I need to make time for myself to either do yoga or sculpt. I see it as a meeting with myself to rebalance, recenter, and get back to deep breathing. Part of my 100 Day challenge is writing three things I'm grateful for.


I am grateful that I have been making the conscious effort to carve out time to work on myself, and feeling proud of myself after getting through a particularly difficult class. And, bosses don't cancel meetings, so you know where you can find this weekend warrior. Namaste.




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