What's My Story?

January 25, 2017

Original Claire for Darwin Clothing Flannel



As some of you may know I help my brother, Peter, with his company, Darwin Clothing. I have been helping him here and there for a few years now. But, as my perspective, lifestyle, and career changed while out here in Denver, I have been working with him more full-time. For those of you who don't know what Darwin is-- it's a men's clothing brand fit for those who are passionate about pursuing relevance and a healthy life.


I have loved working with my brother to help him grow his company, the brand, and the Darwin Community. When I was looking for a job, I just wanted to find a place where I could grow as a professional and as a person. Little did I know, it's been Darwin that has been doing just that for me. It has taken me a little bit longer to realize it, but I am incredibly lucky to have the creative freedom to give the company a voice while also developing my own writer's voice by blogging here.


I had originally thought that working for a tech firm could help me reach those goals of growth, but I realized that those tech firms were too abstract. I found, more than anything, I wanted to be involved in building something tangible, be a part of a team, and challenge myself to learn every single day. These days the something tangible part is what lacks with a lot of startups now. They're all tech-this, tech-that. Venture capital here and there. Tech Crunch. Tech Stars. Whatever.


What I love about Darwin is that you can visibly see how excited people get when they wear their Darwin shirt while pursuing their own passions-- whatever they may be. It's a product that you can touch, feel, even choose from some of our patterns, and see the final product once it's done. It feels incredible creating a real, tangible thing. And, what's even better is you're a part of a community that supports each other's dreams, passions, and healthy lifestyle. We really strive to create the best possible customer experience from beginning to end, and do our very best to go the extra mile for our "Darwin Finches" to highlight all the cool things they're pursuing. 


I feel like I'm accomplishing something every day with Darwin by focusing and working towards the long-term goals we have in mind, rather than the quick successes. By being a part of Team Darwin, I'm able to create my own pieces-- both tangible and written. I am inspired and deeply motivated to work each and every day to pursue my best-self while also building something greater than myself.


I am able to write my story every day, and there's nothing more rewarding than that for me.






Check out Darwin Clothing here: www.darwinclothing.us


If you have any inquiries or questions, reach out to me at claire@darwinclothing.us




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