Through the Fog

January 20, 2017



Life is never perfect, while some may lead you to think it is through social media. And, it is that very reason why I wanted to start a blog. I want to be as authentic, and raw as possible. People constantly want to be perfect. They want the perfect job, the perfect look, the perfect grades, the perfect life. Why? Why do people search for perfection? Years ago, I felt this pressure to be perfect, and when I got my first job out of college I thought it was perfect. It was a more established start-up, in technology, in a growing city. It was perfect.


Actually, no it wasn’t. It was a step towards relocating myself to Denver, a city of adventure, outdoor spirit, and a chance to meet new people with different stories. I wouldn’t say that my first job was a failure, and it sure as hell was really difficult to decide to leave after only a few short months. But, it allowed me to reassess what I wanted to do with my life, what kind of life I wanted to lead, and embrace my surroundings. I needed to find ways to make an uncomfortable situation comfortable for me. I started working my ass off for Darwin, my brother’s company, while applying to other jobs, staying active, and searching for new hobbies. I started writing down all my goals for the day, so I could feel some type of comfort that I accomplished something while not having a 9-5 job.


Sure enough, I randomly applied to Patagonia to work in their Denver store. It was a shot in the dark and I figured, “Why not? I could learn a lot about retail and sustainability.” After a couple of interviews, I found myself on the first day at Patagonia in late November. I ultimately wanted to meet people whose values and interests matched mine, and sure enough I did. Patagonia epitomizes excellent customer service, and through that I’ve met some incredible people going on incredible trips. Just recently I helped a young woman in her late 20’s that is about leave on a trip to Nepal to hike and get married to her soon-to-be husband, both in their R1’s (see picture of R1 below). She also told me about some of the other places she visited, and the countless service trips she goes on with non-profits. Everyone seems to have a purpose and a story behind their gear or what they’re specifically looking for. I may not be “making it” in terms of a stellar, six-figure paying job, but I’m certainly making it in terms of building friendships, learning new hiking spots to check out, and playing a part in someone else’s life. And for now, that’s good enough for me.


I think there’s a misconception that you have to take a certain job, wait for that big promotion, wait to make partner. Why wait around for life to start when you can start with some type of base, go on adventures, and figure it out along the way? I think people are so overly involved in the happy hours, living for the weekend, and missing out on opportunities to really assess who they want to be. And all of that is fun, but it’s so easy to get sucked into that life and forget about all of the little, incredible things that surround you. It’s ok to be scared. To not know where tomorrow will take you. To be uncomfortable. I’ve found comfort with my decision and by surrounding myself with people who also choose this type of opportunity to self-discover, adventure, and start living life today rather than 10 years from now. We’ll see what other types of opportunities come my way, but so far meeting the people that I have, has already been an incredible experience.






*Pictures of R1, as promised.*






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