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January 11, 2017



                                                                             This post is like my mood after climbing Duomo Santa Maria | Firenze 



Hi guys! As some of you have seen on my Instagram story (@claireo11), I have been listening to a lot of Lewis Howes’ “The School of Greatness” podcasts. It has actually become a part of my routine-- workout when I wake up, boil hot water for tea, make breakfast, and listen to Lewis before heading to work. I have been trying to find ways to be healthier, and I’m not talking about physical health, even though that is important to me as well. I want to be mentally healthier. I’m going to start practicing meditation every day and taking steps to truly live in the present, as I had talked about in my previous post, “Seize the Carp.” Lewis focuses on a number of different topics: interviews with athletes and how they reached their peak, millionaire success habits, celebrating little wins, etc. The most recent podcast ended with a question that lingered in the back of my mind ALL DAY. And, believe me, it’s hard to focus on the present when you haven’t answered that question yourself.


What is your definition of success?


Someone’s answer may be fancy cars, a big house, money. Whatever it may be. And, yeah, all of that is nice. But, I pondered the idea of … how would I define success, and it doesn’t have to be one word of course. So here it goes.


I define success as happiness. 100 years from now when it’s my time to leave this beautiful, f’d up world of ours, and I look back to what type of success I had; well, it would revolve around my happiness. It implies being surrounded by my family and friends. The relationships I have formed in every place I have lived in. The relationships that were broken and challenges that hurt me-- but the satisfaction of rising above it, and learning. All the adventures I have taken; the smiles shared; laughing so hard you start to cry; learning and speaking different languages; listening to people’s stories; the unspoken language that everyone in the world can understand; and finally, on a professional level, building a company from the bottom-up (and maybe a couple more too). Happiness is one word, but it has a lot of associations. And for me, all of those associations are a part of a journey that I decided to start here in Denver, 6 months ago. Changing my mindset, adapting to my situation, and working to better myself each and every day. I’m going to be the best-- the best at pursuing happiness, and the best at pursuing my own personal legend. That will be my success.


So, now I ask you: what is your definition of success?


If you haven’t listened to Lewis Howes you can subscribe to his podcast on iTunes or here: it changes your perspective on life, I promise.





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