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January 5, 2017




Hello Lovies, 


It started snowing here in Denver, and I'll be taking pictures tomorrow of the city's beauty if I'm not in Summit County. I wanted to share some of the shots that I took before the snow graced us with its presence.


When people think of adventure, it's usually associated with mountains, waterfalls, remote beaches, something along those lines. The adventure actually begins in your backyard-- or in my case, a city. I take for granted the noisy trains that clank by, the brick buildings I walk by on my way to work, and the murals depicted on some of those old buildings. I took my camera out to capture some of the beauty that's right in front of my eyes.


I walked around the Denver Millennium Bridge, 16th street and Blake, and Wynkoop Street. Every day is an adventure, and I want to explore the seemingly monotonous areas as much as possible. I encourage you all to do the same. Check out your town and look at things you've seen every day for the past couple of years. You'd be surprised at what you would see if you take a step back to appreciate the little beauty each and every day.


More pictures to come in and around Denver.

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