Day Trip to Stowe, VT

December 28, 2016








Hi Lovies! As promised, I wanted to post some pictures of our quick trip to Stowe. My brother, Peter, and I try to get up there as much as possible. So, with me home for a week and a half, we snuck in a quick trip on Christmas Eve. This was the first time in years that there were over 90 trails open there-- we had such a great day on the mountain with snow falling all morning. Some of our favorites like Perry Merrill, Switchback, and then all of Spruce Side (a real hidden gem) were all open. I love taking advantage of random adventure days, especially with my brother, because you never know what you're going to get out of it! We were lucky enough where it wasn't crowded at all, so it felt like we had parts of the mountain to ourselves to goof around and just take it all in.


We hit some of our favorite spots while we were in Stowe. We always stay at Mountain Road Inn-- not the most luxurious place, but it's clean and always reliable. Not to mention, it's close to the mountain and across the street from the most underrated, best breakfast spot in Stowe: The Dutch Pancake (not pictured). Please take note that it opens at 8:00am, not 7:00am anymore. We learned that the hard way. 


After spending most of the morning crushing Spruce side, we had some skinny pancake where I devoured a Strawberry Crepe as pictured above. The weather was a little iffy in the afternoon, but we squeezed in a couple more runs before going to our go-to spot for Après Ski, the Matterhorn, to get Switchback and some food before our venture back.


For me, I've really embraced a say-yes mentality where I just take advantage of every opportunity to do something that I enjoy doing. And for me, I want to be skiing as much as possible. I absolutely love being outdoors, and being active, so when you combine that along with a random trip up to Vermont, you can always count me in. You'd be surprised where life can take you when you just say yes to trying something new, taking an adventure day, or whatever the opportunity may be. Since having this type of mentality, I've made new friends, tried new spots (that have become some of my favorites), and just in general had some pretty kick-ass days.


Until my next post when I'm back in Denver!



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