December 23, 2016




As I'm sure most of you know, I moved to Denver with what seemed like on a whim. I mean why not move to a new city to join a start-up at age twenty-two? It wasn't the easiest decision I have ever made-- leaving my friends and family behind on the East Coast literally thousands of miles away. I remember distinctly being on a train in France heading to Italy, and feeling this moment of panic. Mostly because my life felt like a dream in Europe, and I would be facing a lot of unknown when I return to the states. Will I like Denver? Will I want to move back to Boston? What if I don't meet people I like? Sure enough I picked up my book to try and distract myself. "The Alchemist." More like "the book that will change your life." It changed my perspective of traveling, my move, and everything in between. One specific word stuck with me throughout my travels and my move from the Alchemist, and that was Maktub, or in other words, "it will be so," or also known as "it is written." The universe conspires to bring about happiness, and there will be a series of opportunities and choices you make in order to follow your personal legend. 


Fast forward a few months, and now I moved into my apartment in Denver, and had my first week of training. I met up with a friend for drinks on this outdoor patio at a place called Recess (great spot, check it out if you're in the DEN). He asked me how I was feeling about my move, and assured me that I would find my place and my people in the DEN. Sure enough, right above his head, hidden among other words written in chalk surrounding it: Maktub. I couldn't stop staring. Silence filled the conversation. He turned around, and smiled at me, and said, "See, I told you. Maktub." There was this unspoken understanding between us that he knew that I knew I had made the right choice, and for some reason, I needed to be reassured. The universe was there to give me that reassurance.


I'm not sure what brought me to Denver, or how long I'll be here, but I know it's the first steps to finding my personal legend.


I hope you will follow me on my journey. 


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